Mobile developing is our passion! We determine exact requirements and develop the structure of your application. The code is based on Google and Apple recommendations. We also follow Material Design guidelines.

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Sheep Apps would be glad to support and improve all kinds of mobile applications. Besides, we would love to make your existing projects better by optimizing it, improving existing design and adding some new features.

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Creating startups is a creative and systematic approach in order to realize bold and ambitious ideas. We love working with startups for their passion and drive towards building innovative products. Sheep Apps will also help you with investment search.

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Our ideology

Design is as important as technology

People are more important than processes

Keep things simple, if it's possible

Client is a membership of our team

Always be prepared for change

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Our products

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Doby: services and work

Doby is the first marketplace for service exchange in Belarus. Ordering a courier, shipping, computer assistance, cleaning, car repairing, husband for an hour and other services can be ordered inside the application. Just a few clicks - and hundreds of potential performers rush to the rescue.

Our designers do everything possible to make the application interface simple, intuitive and convenient for both performers and customers. We regularly release updates and improve our product. If you have suggestions or wishes, we will definitely listen to them, because each user is a part of our team. See you in Doby!

Kotlin LiveData MVP Retrofit Clean Architecture RxKotlin

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Dzyadzka Yasha: order taxi in Minsk

Dzyadzka Yasha is an application that allows you to order a taxi quickly, easily and at an affordable price. The application includes the following:

  • Order a taxi with one click
  • Quick search for the desired car
  • Trip cost estimation
  • Аbility to order a car with desired characteristics (transportation of animals, child seat, etc.)
  • Ability to pay in cash or by credit card
  • Easy navigation and modern design

With Dzyadzka Yasha you can make trips at any time. If you need to leave right now, then a regular order should be created. If you need to plan a trip in advance, you can simply specify a convenient time of leaving - and the driver will arrive on time.

Kotlin Coroutines MVVM Retrofit Clean Architecture Maps API OSM

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Beame: geometric game

Sometimes stars, except ordinary rays, emit special beams. They have a passion for freedom and world researching. Our main character Beame is such a beam. Someday during space trip he falls into the event horizon of a black hole and there is nothing left for him except to go inside to look for its fate.

Traveling through the levels, he meets different worlds with their unique appearance. And sometimes Beame falls into pretty unusual locations and universes. All of them have one similar thing - a worm-hole, leading to the next level.

The light beam has some energy at the beginning of each level, and in order to get into a space worm-hole and pass through, it must have certain energy at the moment of impact. This must be achieved by several bounces, depending on the rules in a particular world. For example, if level has a "4 - 7" restriction, before Beame gets into worm-hole, he must complete no less than 4 and no more than 7 bounces.

Flutter Dart Game Animation Flame Box2D BLoC Physics Flare


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