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Sheep Apps is mobile development company focused on creating its own products. We develop and publish apps loved by users from all over the world. Our acceleration program Sheep Labs helps mobile app startups bridge the gap between idea and business.
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Our Products

English Speaking
AI English trainer that helps enhance spoken English with the power of machine learning.
Docking Duck
Powerful mobile phone and computer communicator for building a secure ecosystem between devices.
Hell Week
Magic pill that allows to look at personal productivity from an absolutely new perspective.

Our Manifesto

Manifesto is the basis of our culture. This list of rules describes how we work, collaborate and make decisions.
  • Our main mission is to create products that solve user problems.
  • It's better to take more in the future than less right now.
  • We're constantly learning and improving our professional skills.
  • We try, we make mistakes, we try again.
  • We always help each other: in work, in self-development and in everyday life.
  • Each employee is involved in the company's life, everyone understands what and why they do.
  • Freedom of speech is always welcomed, the company works for employees as well as employees work for the company.
  • We use the most modern technologies and approaches, because we understand the importance of innovation in business.
Our Head
Professionals who lead our sheep:


Having strong expertise in mobile app publishing, our team is ready to share it with you. Here is how we approach publishing and what we can do for your application:
All marketing costs for soft-launch and future releases are on our side.
Our team knows a lot of secret tricks about App Store and Google Play promotion.
We're rockstars in getting insights from an audience and prioritising work accordingly.
Data-driven approach and strong analytics are very important for us.
We can help make your app design more logical and user-friendly before launching.
Appropriate monetisation and stable unit economics take a very high place in our priorities.
Want to publish your app with us?
If you have an application you want to publish, we'll do our best to help you. Just apply for publishing and we're ready to go. In case you only have an idea, welcome to our acceleration program Sheep Labs.

Sheep Labs

Helping startups bridge the gap between idea and business.
  • Business planning
    The art of creating sound business plans is in our blood. And of course, we'll teach you this craft.
  • MVP development
    With over 20 projects under our belt, we already know what a real MVP is and how to build one.
  • Legal support
    We can help you with any legal aspects: from contracts to company incorporation.
  • Investments
    We can invest our own money at early stages or help with fundraising from partner investors.

Contact us

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
United States, 30 N Gould St Ste R Sheridan, WY 82801
Estonia, Ahtri tn 12, Kesklinna district, Tallinn city, 10151