Sheep Labs is acceleration program by Sheep Apps Inc focused on mobile app startups. The main goal is to help founders bridge the gap between idea and working business. Our team of professionals works with projects of any stage, helping with team development, business planning, work processes and more. We are also open to partnerships with individual investors and funds.
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How we accelerate

Market research
We know how to implement comprehensive market researches. And no, it's not just about Googling.
Team development
If your startup needs a developer, designer, analyst or some other role, we'll help find them.
Technical maintanance
Our engineering team maintains startups all the way to success, helping with system architecture, technological stack and more.
Legal support
We can help you with any legal aspects: from contracts with employees to company incorporation.
Business planning
The art of creating sound business plans is in our blood. And of course, we'll teach you this craft.
MVP development
With over 20 projects under our belt, we already know what a real MVP is and how to build one.
Work processes
We can help organize the most productive work process and share our corporate software for this.
Our team has strong expertise in mobile app publishing. We will share it with your startup.
We can invest our own money at early stages or help with fundraising from partner investors.

How we work

This is a rough roadmap of how we build bridges between idea and business. It doesn't matter what stage you are in.
Idea formation
First of all, we should describe your idea in a strict business language that everyone understands. Don't be afraid if you are not familiar with Lean Canvas, Customer Profile and JTBD.
42% of startups fail in the market due to poor validation of their idea. Nobody wants to create something absolutely useless, right?
Sometimes good pretotypes can tell us a lot about a product event before MVP is developed. Our team practices pretotyping experiments whenever possible.
Creating the right MVP can be a challenging task, however we have over 20 projects under our belt and already know what a real MVP is and how to build one.
Soft launch
When MVP is ready it's time to get the first feedback from our users. This stage is about publishing, analytics, surveys, monetization experiments and measuring the most important KPIs.
Product-market fit
Almost none application can be profitable and 100% suitable for its users from the start. The process of finding product-market fit is the stumbling block for any startup.
Growth and scaling
When PMF is found, we know our audience and have a clear and profitable business model, it's time to scale the startup. This phase is all about fundraising, growth hacking and team development.

Who can apply

Individual or team mobile app startups of any stage.
Venture funds, solo investors and business angels.
People who are ready to share their vast experience in any field.
Engineers, designers and other professionals who want to work in a startup.
Ready to rock this world?
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