Server adjustments

Back-end developer configures a server, adjusts it for consumer's needs. The stage includes database creation and design, installation of necessary components.

MySQL Linux Apache TomCat

API development

Based on customer's requirements and a selected technological stack, the code that processes the necessary queries is being developed. A database is being filled, server response time is being optimized.

PHP Java Spring Framework MySQL


If there are errors on the server side, you can't avoid them in the client application. We perform thorough and comprehensive testing, until API don't work perfectly.

jUnit PHPUnit TestNG


We provide an API documentation to a customer, help him to connect a server part with a client part, make final checks and adjustments.

Server Integration Realm HTTP/HTTPS


  • Сonfigured server
  • Access to the repository with the source project code
  • Warranty servicer
  • Integration of analytical systems
  • Full property rights in relation to the product
  • Project deployed at a product server

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