Who we are

Sheep Apps is an amicable team of creative and aimed professionals who love mobile technology & design.
Our philosophy is to develop the hardest things in the simplest way, while creating optimal work, that transcends the norm. We will work side by side, step by step with you to deliver the satisfactory results you desire.

Sheep Apps team

We're glad to present you our awesome team:

Vlad Prudnikov

CEO & Product Manager

Collected all the geeks together and is proud of it.

Kirill Ivonchik

CTO & Lead Android Developer

Knows the Fragment lifecycle better than his own.

Katerina Bondar


Draws such a wonderful templates that you want to lick them.

Anton Avkhimenko

iOS Developer

Once ate 7 kilograms of apples to humiliate Android.

Denis Zakharenko

Head of Sales

Makes hold calls really hot from the first seconds.

Kirill Holubeu

Lead iOS Developer

Professionally reinstalls Windows. On macOS.

Denis Demenkovets

Industrial Automation Engineer

Can automate anything. Anywhere.

Vitaly Avseitsev

Android Developer

So serious, that it was difficult to find his photo for this page.

Evgeny Semchenko

Android Developer

Considers that 99% of errors sit within a foot and a half of the monitor.

Pavel Shved

iOS Developer

Says everybody, that he was Steve Jobs' friend.

Konstantin Polhovskiy

Back-end Developer

Knows that the REST is not a recreation or relaxation.

Alexey Borisevich

Machine Learning Engineer

Knows how to create SkyNet, but is afraid for this world.

Open Vacancy

Back-end Developer

Should know the difference between Back-end and Front-end.

Open Vacancy

iOS Developer

Should know the difference between Activity and Passivity.

Open Vacancy

Android Developer

Should know the difference between Toast and Cookie.

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